Vicky Kaushal packs punches and kicks in The Gray Man promotional video. Watch

In a promotional video for The Gray Man, Vicky Kaushal dons the role of an agent as he talks about the mysterious character. Starring Ryan Gosling and Dhanush, the film is set to premiere on July 22.

Dhanush-Ryan Gosling’s much-awaited The Gray Man is set to release soon on Netflix. Ahead of the premiere, Vicky Kaushal shot a special promotional video. Seen tapping on Uri’s powerhouse character, the actor is seen packing punches and flying kicks. The video also had a secret code that fans have to decode to be a part of the premiere. “Agent Vicky, naam toh suna hi hoga? Vicky Kaushal and The Gray Man have a secret mission for you. Watch the video to accept it. #TheGrayMan,” the caption read on post shared by the Netflix India page.
The video opens with Vicky taking on a mission ‘The Gray Man’. He says that it’s not only a Chris Evans-Ryan Gosling- Ana de Armas  thriller but also the ‘deadliest job in the world’. Agent VK, as his character is named, goes on to an attacking mode with his team, and then fights a masked-enemy. Amid his action scenes, he also talks about The Gray Man.
“Sabki ek pehchaan hoti hai, Gray Man khud ek naqaab hai. Sabka ek raaz hota hai, Gray Man ek raaz hai (Everyone has an identity while Gray Man is a mystery. Everyone has a secret, while Gray Man is a secret himself). As he gets hit, the actor claims his ego is a ‘little bruised’. Vicky then goes on to show off his deadly action ‘whistle inducing’ moves. As he steals a prized locket from a secret room, he asks fans to decode the secret code to be able to attend the premiere with Russo Brothers and Dhanush.

Earlier at a press conference held for the film, Indian star Dhanush was asked how he landed the Hollywood project and whether he already knew the Russo Brothers prior to this. The actor answered, “I don’t know how I ended up in this film. ”
The comment was met by much laughter from his fellow cast members and the audience. He went on to explain, “The casting agency in India told me that they have a Hollywood project for me. They said it is a big film. So I said okay. I asked which film, what film? They said it is a big film. So I said alright, and it can’t get bigger than this.”
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The Gray Man will release on July 22.