Thor Love And Thunder first reactions: Chris Hemsworth film ‘doubles down on the Ragnarok charm’

Chris Hemsworth starrer Thor Love and Thunder had its premiere in Los Angeles, and the initial reactions seem positive.

Chris Hemsworth starrer Thor Love and Thunder had its premiere in Los Angeles and the first reactions from the screening seem extremely positive. These are not the official reviews of the film but the opinions of the select few who were invited to the special premiere. The film is the fourth stand-alone Thor movie, and follows Thor Ragnarok, which in many ways, changed Thor’s perception in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor: Love and Thunder also stars Natalie Portman, Christian Bale and Tessa Thompson, among others. Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Russell Crowe also appear in the film.
After watching the film at the premiere, many of the guests shared their first reactions on Twitter. Erik Davis of Fandango called it “another classic Thor adventure” and shared on Twitter “#ThorLoveAndThunder is everything I wanted it to be. Big, colorful, weird Guns N’ Roses-fueled battles to go w/ a hopelessly romantic story about discovering love in unexpected places. Christian Bale & Russell Crowe are especially great. And Korg!”
Collider’s Therese Lacson wrote, “#ThorLoveAndThunder is absolutely AMAZING. It blows every other Marvel movie out of the water, and doubles down on the Ragnarok charm. A classic @TaikaWaititi joint, so many laughs and tears, with a moving narrative and beautiful visuals. And those post credits? OH MY GOD.”
Gizmodo’s Germain Lussier wrote, “#ThorLoveAndThunder is like what I imagine living in the mind of Taika Waititi might be like. It’s wild, funny, a little all over the place in the middle but by the end it all comes together in a surprising, touching, satisfying way. So much Guns n Roses too. So much. ⚡️”
Brandon Davis called it “absolutely electrifying” and wrote, “My favorite #Thor movie of the four. Taika Waititi through and through. It’s mature, the soundtrack rocks, and there are great surprises. So much fun. Feels like the best of MCU Phase 1 and Phase 4 in one entry. Loved it.”
Rachel Leishman called it “the perfect blend of Taika at his best with comedy and a punch to the gut all in one.” Caitlin Tyrrell wrote, “#ThorLoveAndThunder surpasses all expectations balancing absolutely bombastic insanity with moving character-driven stories. Christian Bale is top tier and Natalie Portman is truly outstanding. Waititi may have just delivered the MCU’s best movie of Phase 4 #ThorLoveAndThunder”.
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Thor Love and Thunder releases in theatres on July 7.