The 8 most underrated films of June and where to watch them: From Dakota Johnson’s career-best performance to Jessie Buckley’s bonkers horror movie

From a harrowing new Netflix true-crime documentary to a creepy stalker thriller that fans of Alfred Hitchcock’s films will appreciate, here is a list of the most underrated films from June 2022.

A relatively unimpressive month for Indian cinema means that June’s list of the best underrated films is dominated by foreign titles. This is the first time in the six editions of this series that this has happened. But when you find yourself in a position where you can offer a convincing argument about why Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 is a more effective film than Anek, you know things have gotten rough out there.
As slim as the pickings were locally, however, June turned out to be a great month for films in general. This list includes a wacky horror movie from one of the finest auteurs around, a comedy-drama that I’m going to continue championing till the Oscars roll around next year, a harrowing new Netflix true-crime documentary, and a creepy stalker thriller that fans of Alfred Hitchcock’s films will surely appreciate. Coincidentally, five of the eight titles listed here happen to be blisteringly moving feminist tales; four of them feature some of the year’s best-written female roles, performed wonderfully by brilliant actors.
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Men – Available to purchase in 4K on the Microsoft Store in the US
A wild film even by writer-director Alex Garland’s standards, Men takes a while to get to the point, but when it does, it’s jaw-dropping. As with most Garland films, including (to a lesser degree) the ones he’s only written, you’re either going to buy what he’s selling immediately, or you’re going to want to physically distance yourself from his work. Men is as divisive as they come, but fans of elevated horror will find it a rewarding experience.
Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes – HBO Max in the US
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Essentially a visual representation of Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexeivich’s Chernobyl Prayer, The Lost Tapes is made up almost entirely of audio interviews juxtaposed to never-before-seen state footage of the Chernobyl disaster’s immediate aftermath. Director James Jones rounds up survivors, first responders, and others directly affected by the catastrophe, as he weaves a tale brimming with regret and anguish. The film also doubles as a subtle allegory for the post-truth age, and should be particularly engaging for Indian audiences reckoning with the erosion of our democratic values.
Watcher – Available to rent and purchase on Amazon and Vudu in the US