The 8 most underrated films of April and where to watch them

Here’s a list of the best films from April that you must check out; the list includes a breakneck action film that bombed at the box office, an animated stunner from one of the best filmmakers alive, and a standup special that truly belongs in the same category as Nanette.

What a terrific month for films April has been. After a rather lean March, the last 30 days have been so excellent in terms of quality, you could be forgiven for thinking that we’re in the thick of awards season once again. As we prepare for the summer, here’s a list of titles to catch up on before you’re overwhelmed by tentpole after tentpole on the big screen.
This months’ list of the top underrated films includes a breakneck action movie from a master of a genre, one of the best musicals since La La Land; a lowkey horror comeback from an acclaimed director, and a stand-up special that everybody with an internet connection should watch.
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Ambulance – Available to purchase and rent on Apple TV, Google Play and YouTube in the US
Funny, self-aware and often breathtakingly ambitious, Ambulance is the Michael Bay comeback that fans of the maximalist master have been waiting for. Essentially a wall-to-wall chase film, Ambulance features some of the most innovative drone photography ever put on the big screen, and easily ranks as one of the best films of Bay’s career. I know this isn’t saying much, considering the terrible decade that he’s had, but this is a throwback to his heyday, back when Nicolas Cage was an above-the-title star and blockbuster movies meant something.
Cyrano – Available to purchase and rent on Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube in the US
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Probably the best film on this list, director Joe Wright’s soaring adaptation of Erika Schmidt’s 2018 musical, featuring original music from members of The National, features a career-best performance from Peter Dinklage. A tale of love and longing, Cyrano is at once euphoric and utterly tragic. It’s a story that has been told several times, but rarely with this kind of raw passion.
Paris, 13th District – Available to purchase and rent on Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube in the US