The 6 most underrated films of May, and where to watch them: Amitabh Bachchan’s best to Nicole Kidman’s deliciously edgy character

Here’s a list of the most underrated films from the month of May that you must check out — the list includes a recent Oscar-winner’s new animated short film, a contemporary American auteur’s first big-budget epic, a young comic’s directorial debut, and one of Amitabh Bachchan’s best late-period films.

The month of May kept Film Twitter entertained thanks to the instant classic Everything Everywhere All at Once, while the general populace was enthralled by the long-awaited Top Gun: Maverick. However, neither of these two films—brilliant in every way as they might be—can be featured on this list.
The goal here, as always, is to highlight gems that might have slipped through the broadening cracks of streaming, unfairly overlooked despite being exactly the sort of thing that audiences might appreciate. This month, we have a recent Oscar-winner’s breathtakingly original new animated short film, a contemporary American auteur’s first attempt at big-budget filmmaking, a young comic’s unique directorial debut, and one of the best late-period films from perhaps the country’s biggest male star.
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Emergency — Amazon Prime Video
Emergency lures viewers in with the promise of a Superbad-style raunchy comedy, but subverts all expectations when it turns into one of the most resounding genre commentaries on race this side of a Jordan Peele film.
Jibaro — Netflix
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Director Alberto Mielgo was featured on this list previously for his labour of love The Windshield Wiper (which eventually went on to win an Oscar), and his follow-up is just as jaw-droppingly original. A part of the latest batch of Love, Death & Robots episodes—this one features a film directed by one of the show’s exec producers David Fincher himself—Jibaro is a feminist fable about a deaf conquistador who comes across a banshee-like woman deep in the Peruvian rainforest.
The Northman — Available to rent and purchase in the US on Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube