The 5 most underrated films of March, and where to watch them; plus, a bonus show

Here are some of the best films from March, ranging from an Oscar nominated documentary to a grisly directorial debut that every millennial should check out.

Despite most attention having been diverted to the Oscars in March—not entirely for all the right reasons—it was still a relatively lean month in terms of new films. Most of the top contenders at the Academy Awards had already been released, and movie theatres were dominated by big-ticket releases vying for your cash. But as always, there were more than a handful of films that slipped under the radar.
March’s picks include a holdover gem featuring a trio of fine performances, a sweeping family saga on the year’s most successful streaming platform, a lowkey documentary short about a bygone era and playful social satire that every millennial will relate to.
Without any further ado, here’s the list, in no specific order:
Love Hostel — ZEE5
Yes, director Shanker Raman’s latest tailspin into the depths of deranged human minds was released in February, but because it arrived right at the end of the month, there wasn’t enough time to gauge whether or not it could qualify as ‘underrated’. As those who’ve seen the gruesome social thriller would know, it was a toss-up. Love Hostel could’ve attracted a new wave of rage against producer Shah Rukh Khan, or it could’ve gone completely unnoticed, like so many other gems that have been dropped directly on streaming. Fortunately or unfortunately, the second scenario panned out. That being said, if you’re a fan of genre cinema, be sure to give it a shot.
Pachinko — Apple TV+
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As always, anything that releases on Apple TV+ automatically qualifies as underrated, simply because nobody subscribes to the service. But perhaps things will change this year, after back-to-back brilliant shows, and a record-setting Oscar win. Co-directed by Kogonada and Justin Chon—and based on the epic novel by Min Jin Lee—Pachinko is a lush drama about four generations of a single Korean immigrant family, and their struggles to find their identity in an ever-changing socio-political landscape.
After Yang — Showtime in the US