Sidharth Malhotra introduces Chris Pratt to his film Shershaah, Guardians of the Galaxy star replies: ‘Can tell you are an action hero for sure’

Chris Pratt talked to Sidharth Malhotra about how he prepped for his role in Amazon Prime Video’s The Terminal List, in which the Hollywood actor plays a Navy SEAL.

Amazon Prime Video’s The Terminal List presents Chris Pratt in a never-seen-before avatar. In the series, the actor plays a Navy SEAL named Lieutenant Commander James Reece. In a new video shared by the streaming platform on Saturday, Pratt is seen in conversation with Sidharth Malhotra, whose Shershaah is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. In the film, Malhotra played the role of Captain Vikram Batra, who laid down his life during the 1999 Kargil War.
He told Pratt about everything that went into making Shershaah “as authentic as possible.” He also spoke about shooting in Kargil and the sense of responsibility that he felt as soon as he wore the Indian army uniform. “I think the moment you are playing a character which is from the armed forces of the country you are in, it kinda gives you more sense of responsibility to make it more authentic. It comes with a lot of hard work and prep before that the audience doesn’t see,” he said and asked Chris Pratt to reveal how he prepared for The Terminal List.
Pratt said that it was “a real honor and privilege.” He revealed that in the pilot of the show, he is joined by former Navy SEALS in a scene which sees him taking his team through the tunnels of Syria.
He also shared that the show is written by a real Navy SEAL. However, unlike Shershaah, The Terminal List is entirely fictional. “It is not based on true events. He (the writer) has fabricated this fictional story with a very strong point of view of somebody who’s been in this world, walked down that road. We cast all real Navy SEALs to play all of my men in the tunnels. Those men moving, in the way they are operating, we didn’t have to teach them anything except some of the tricks of the trade of acting like how to hit a mark, how to know where the camera is. All the physicality of their action and their movement is authentic because they are former Navy SEALS,” Pratt revealed.
During the chat, Sidharth revealed that he is a big fan of the action genre, and Pratt showered him with praise for his physique. “I can tell you are an action hero for sure. Just look at this guy,” he said, signalling at his biceps. Later, he said that they should work out together.
The Terminal List started streaming on Amazon Prime Video from July 1 onwards.
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