Fact check: Will Smith did not meet Sadhguru in Mumbai on his recent trip to India

After several reports claimed that Hollywood star Will Smith was recently in India to meet Sadhguru, the latter’s team has confirmed that the news is not true.

Ever since pictures of Hollywood star Will Smith exiting Kalina airport in Mumbai surfaced on the internet, there has been speculation that the actor had come to India to meet spiritual guru Sadhguru J Vasudeva after the Chris Rock slap controversy. In the aftermath of the controversy, rumours suggested that there is friction between Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith.
However, contrary to several reports, Will Smith did not meet Sadhguru, as confirmed by the latter’s spokesperson. According to Sadhguru’s media relations team, Will Smith and Sadhguru did not meet while the actor was in Mumbai recently. They told indianexpress.com, “Sadhguru is on a global tour to promote Save Soil Movement. Sadhguru has not met Will Smith recently.”
Sadhguru, who is in Turkey right now, in an interview with news channel France24, talked about his interaction with Will Smith and what he thinks about the Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars Slap.
When Sadhguru was asked where he stands on non-violence, after being given an instance of how Will Smith slapped Chris Rock before winning an Oscar, he said, “From what I know of Will, he is a wonderful human being, absolutely wonderful human being. At the same time, does he have the right to go on stage and hit somebody? Absolutely no! Absolutely no in public places, people going and expressing themselves in violent ways must be absolute no, not just for him, but for anybody for that matter….”
He further added, “Everybody thinks you can punch somebody in the face, so that should be absolutely no. But at the same time we are heading towards a culture (where) I can pick up your mother and discuss ugly things about her, I can pick up your wife and say ugly things about her. This must also be contained a little bit. Alright? If I want to make jokes about you or your family, I should know you that well that I can sit with you in private and make jokes about you.”
At the Oscar Awards ceremony in March, after Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia, Smith went to the stage and slapped Rock across the face, then turned around and steadily walked back to his seat. The attack startled the audience, with many assuming that it was scripted. The Academy later barred Smith for 10 years from attending Oscar ceremonies.
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Back in 2020, Will Smith had hosted Sadhguru at his Los Angeles residence when the latter was visiting the US. Sharing a video of their interaction, on Instagram, Will had written, “Amazing dinner the other night! Thank you for your time, your energy and your wisdom. Enjoy your motorcycle ride across America!”
There were other set of reports claiming that Will Smith was here for a spiritual exchange at yet another religious organisation, ISKCON. However, an ISKCON source has told indianexpress.com that there was no such event in Mumbai or in India around the time Will Smith was here. He hasn’t met any of the gurus there either.