Dhanush’s appeal to end south-north divide: ‘It’s time to come together as one big industry’

Dhanush, referred to a ‘my sexy Tamil friend’ in Russo Brothers’ The Gray Man, held forth on the film and the north-south divide in India film industries.

National-Award winner Dhanush is all set to make his Hollywood debut with Russo Brothers’ The Gray Man. At the press conference of the film held in Mumbai, the actor spoke about his experience and even addressed the fact that his character was specified as the ‘sexy Tamil friend’.
Given the times where actors are fighting the regional divide, Dhanush was questioned about why his character Avik San was relegated to a region. He defended the same saying it was done to only add more ‘flavour and detail’.
“It wasn’t absolutely necessary but there is no harm. It was all about adding more details. Joe Russo told me that more the details, more the flavour and I don’t think there’s any harm in calling him a Tamilian from India,” the Asuran actor replied.
Dhanush went on to share that it was time the regional barrier was lifted off cinema and the industry should come together to make films for the entire country. He also added that actors today should be termed as ‘Indian actors’ rather than segregated by language.
“I would appreciate it if they collectively called us Indian actors and not south and north. The world has shrunk, and the line is fading. This is the time to come together and make this as one big industry. It is a huge industry and it would be great if we can come together and make films for everyone. Every film can be a national film and not just (specific) region,” Dhanush said.
He further added, “People watch south films, we watch a lot of north films. And now with the digital, there is easy access to everyone’s work. It gets seen. It is also a great time for an actor. If you are good at your job, you are noticed by everybody. And that’s great. So, it just doesn’t make sense to call me or anyone as south actors. We are just actors from India.”
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The Gray Man will drop on Netflix on July 22.