Dhanush reveals he doesn’t know how he ‘ended up’ in The Gray Man, says he doesn’t talk much in the film: ‘Grateful to do a modest role…’

At a press conference, Dhanush revealed how he landed the film, The Gray Man, which stars Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling.

Actor Dhanush revealed how he landed his upcoming film, The Gray Man. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, the Netflix thriller has a star cast that includes Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick and Regé-Jean Page as well.  At a press conference, Dhanush was asked how he landed the project and whether he already knew the Russo Brothers prior to this. Dhanush answered, “I don’t know how I ended up in this film. ” This comment was met by much laughter from his fellow cast members and the audience. He went on to explain, “The casting agency in India told me that they have a Hollywood project for me. They said it is a big film. So I said okay. I asked which film, what film? They said it is a big film. So I said alright, and it can’t get bigger than this.”
Adding that he doesn’t say much in the film, he said that he was really thrilled to work in it, nevertheless. “I was really excited. Of course I don’t say much in this film. But I really was super thrilled and was looking for an opportunity to explore and learn more.”  The Gray Man promises to be a gripping cat-and-mouse chase as Ryan Gosling plays a CIA operative who is now on the run, and Chris Evan’s Loyd Hansel is determined to take him down.
Recently, Dhanush and the Russo Brothers released a video message for the fans. Talking about the film, Dhanush said, “It was incredible. This movie is a rollercoaster, it has everything, action, drama, pace and a big chase. I am very grateful that I got to do a modest role in this movie full of incredible people.” The Russo Brothers also shared that they would be coming to India soon to see their ‘dear friend’ Dhanush and meet fans at The Gray Man premiere in India.  The film will release on July 22.

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